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Chill Building Stream

Chill Building Stream

Пре 8 дана

A HUGE Development :: Hermitcraft #46
The Castle is DONE! :: Hermitcraft #39
Super Secret Creative Tips! :: Ylands
  1. [Username Deleted]

    [Username Deleted]Пре 12 сати

    [Comment Deleted]

  2. Muffin Lord E0N

    Muffin Lord E0NПре 12 сати

    hello michigan man i am also a michigan man

  3. Michael Day

    Michael DayПре 12 сати

    Proximity chat really adds a nice element to the game

  4. Efren Arevalo

    Efren ArevaloПре 12 сати

    Ah Phantoms. Great game design in action.

  5. Laurie Plumley

    Laurie PlumleyПре 12 сати

    😂 Oh my goodness those item missing glitches are THE WORST!

  6. King Bro

    King BroПре 13 сати

    Hermitcraft bdubs: scared of the night, every mob and his own shadow 3rd life bdubs: completely fearless and thinks the night is nice

  7. Juan Ignacio Vargas

    Juan Ignacio VargasПре 13 сати

    Okay, "death by tree" has got to be the main form of execution now

  8. Bob Accounting DEPARTMENT

    Bob Accounting DEPARTMENTПре 13 сати

    And I thought Joe and Cleo argued like an old married couple XD Edit: maybe bickered is a better word

  9. DCPhoto

    DCPhotoПре 13 сати

    I really like this cuz they have a chance to have fun together when they’re not just afraid of everyone and hunting people...

  10. Sai Kwan Kham

    Sai Kwan KhamПре 13 сати

    Can't wait for the next epasode

  11. Theguy 2019

    Theguy 2019Пре 13 сати

    The clash between bdubs love for horses and smallish beans hate for horses is going to be interesting...

  12. Gavin’s YouTube Account

    Gavin’s YouTube AccountПре 13 сати

    Scar: We have human power now Clea: Mhm (am I a joke to you?)

  13. Priyanshu Dongre

    Priyanshu DongreПре 14 сати

    hahaha that screem of bdubs when he first heard the phantoms lol

  14. Chris Barr

    Chris BarrПре 14 сати

    OMG loving this so much!!!

  15. Self Made Geek

    Self Made GeekПре 14 сати

    The collective scream when the phantoms arrived XD

  16. uddyan Tripathi

    uddyan TripathiПре 14 сати

    667 comment. I defeated the devil.

  17. UsingWolfram

    UsingWolframПре 14 сати

    Bdubs is 100% a mood

  18. Peachiz

    PeachizПре 14 сати

    five seconds in and you need marriage counseling 😂

  19. mep

    mepПре 14 сати

    lamp is best

  20. Rex NEO

    Rex NEOПре 14 сати

    Bdubs can you up the other people’s voices next time? I can barely here them

  21. Rainbow Fairy

    Rainbow FairyПре 14 сати


  22. jata zoulja

    jata zouljaПре 15 сати

    🍍 on 🍕

  23. Urszula Rudzińska

    Urszula RudzińskaПре 15 сати

    "I wasn't close to dying, I just nearly did" ~Zombiecleo

  24. Ghifari77

    Ghifari77Пре 15 сати

    21:22 BETRAYAAAL

  25. Amber de Boer

    Amber de BoerПре 15 сати

    I don't know if enyone else has this problem, but I can't really hear impulse

  26. NeekTheNook

    NeekTheNookПре 15 сати

    This got completely burried... it didn't even show up in my sub box :(

  27. The Narrator

    The NarratorПре 15 сати

    That was funny. I'm liking this series already.

  28. N G

    N GПре 15 сати

    How smallish just finds a whole dark oak forest but scar burned the “only” tree down

  29. maxxi !

    maxxi !Пре 15 сати

    I love how he shout grian