Announcing the Winners of My Building Auction! :: Hermitcraft #49

Minecraft on the Hermitcraft Server Season 7 Episode 49!
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  1. Chase O'Hara

    Chase O'HaraПре 6 сати

    I love how they end up being horse drawn AND electric :P

  2. phaserra

    phaserraПре 11 дана

    Bdubs out here trying his best to emulate wires while I'm playing a modpack with actual electric wires I can use hoho.

  3. ling ting

    ling tingПре 16 дана

    ayo 15 shades tower?

  4. Kenneth Tant

    Kenneth TantПре 17 дана

    Youre amazing. I love all your builds and they look amazing; however, why is the trolley connected to power and also pulled by a horse? Just curious.

  5. Ian Fay

    Ian FayПре 26 дана

    Great stuff doing the least I can by leaving a comment love you bdubs

  6. Chloe Reed-Nordwall

    Chloe Reed-NordwallПре 28 дана

    I just realized he has a really good Mic I can’t-

  7. Syberyah

    SyberyahПре месец

    "38 + 19. What is that? You do the math. ..57?" Yayyy a Hermit who can do math!! :DD XDD

  8. Syberyah

    SyberyahПре месец

    "It looks like it's blowing in the wind, but it's just a chicken jumping up and down trapped in eternity.."

  9. Ethan Seitz

    Ethan SeitzПре месец

    Thank you bdubs! I am in high school and have a Socratic seminar tomorrow 😩. Bdubs is making me happy!

  10. Lorcan

    LorcanПре месец

    This video deserves more views, bdubs did soo much 😫

  11. McKenzie O'Neal

    McKenzie O'NealПре месец

    “ruin the rest of the road with the trolley” ... but it’s beautiful :’)

  12. Harry Sheppard

    Harry SheppardПре месец

    The electric powered horce drawn carriage

  13. Hannah Elise

    Hannah EliseПре месец

    I literally forgot about your castle until this episode 😂

  14. Aaron Taylor

    Aaron TaylorПре месец

    You should make an electric company, and charge the other Hermits for the power.

  15. Jake W

    Jake WПре месец

    Anti-scar threads

  16. JackOfAllTrades 177

    JackOfAllTrades 177Пре месец

    Why does BDubs look like he could be a model or actor or something

  17. Polluxa C

    Polluxa CПре месец

    I'm watching this video a couple of months late so I don't know if such a thing already exists in Aque Town by now, but oh, boy, would I love to see a newspaper stand selling The Hermiton Herald at one of the corners of the city

  18. Meemee

    MeemeeПре месец

    - the Mycelium Resistance LIVES!!!!

  19. Chananya Lipman

    Chananya LipmanПре месец

    15:12 *ahh good ding ding* B-dubs sounds when he gets hit

  20. Arrasbadx

    ArrasbadxПре месец

    This video is sponsored by Core! What is Core? A better roblox! Better graphics, freeer free, cooler physics-!

  21. Keithlynd

    KeithlyndПре месец

    Bdubs: >have a bed as throne >put down another bed in front of the throne to sleep on

  22. Car Parking Multiplayer

    Car Parking MultiplayerПре месец

    Why can’t we download this map? Not fair only a select few can access it :/

  23. Of Siwa

    Of SiwaПре месец

    The trolley was the ultimate "trust the process" for me because I didnt like it until the moment the roof went on and then I instantly fell in love with it

  24. yoshimidget

    yoshimidgetПре месец

    core is rly cool

  25. EverSo Strange

    EverSo StrangeПре месец

    The paid promotions are predatory and greedy you get paid generously from the monetization of your videos. Your main demographic are children making your advertisement to them very predatory. You do have a soul right? Maybe act like it.

  26. AtomicLight

    AtomicLightПре месец

    "It looks like it is waving in the wind but it is just a chicken jumping up and down trapped for eternity" You said that so casually I broke

  27. i1ike0ranges

    i1ike0rangesПре месец

    Aque town? No no no, its A Cute Town

  28. Lord Zizo

    Lord ZizoПре месец

    Befor you did the Side Stears it looked like a Monoreal or Cablecar. Like in Cubfans Base inside of the Pyramide

  29. ᛒᛖᚱ ᛒᛁᚱᛞ

    ᛒᛖᚱ ᛒᛁᚱᛞПре месец

    Boom! All caught up with you bud! Impulse-ible next then kir-alison 😂😂😂😂


    ALEX KITTYПре месец

    An electrically driven cart needs a horse)))))

  31. Guardian Gaming

    Guardian GamingПре месец

    you should make a billboard with a sheep face or a sunglassed resistance sheep face on it on the wool shop

  32. Favoritos

    FavoritosПре месец

    Can we just appreciate the fact that BdoubleLo100 actually didn't pay for the land he Is selling (or at least as far as I know). And even the current owner of the entire place, Scar, Is paying him? No doubt Bdubs is a true business GENIUS

  33. Lucas Zobro

    Lucas ZobroПре месец

    you should make a shed for the trolley on one end

  34. Niall Tierney

    Niall TierneyПре месец

    “Fantastic... we got a lotta horse here”

  35. Chris E.

    Chris E.Пре месец

    Umm, the idea of a trolly is that it isn't pulled by horses.

  36. klngc

    klngcПре месец

    Anyone else wondering where bdubs is?? It’s been a week? Maybe I love bdubs so much that when it takes him a couple more days to upload I start hyperventilating 😂

  37. Geometric

    GeometricПре месец

    awesome vid!

  38. Lou

    LouПре месец

    This reminds me of a part of my city! We have old rails in some parts of the town and some wagons too! They are all really old since we don’t use trains as a transportation anymore, but it’s really pretty! One of the wagons even became an ice cream shop! It’s really cool! 🍦💕

  39. Phoenix Craft

    Phoenix CraftПре месец

    I would like If Bdubs would DEDICATE an EPISODE to ''THE CASTLE''

  40. Ordinary Human

    Ordinary HumanПре месец

    Can we just take a moment to apreciate Bdubs, this man is a father, a husband, and also a hermit. Amazing how he finds that much time for our entertainment.

  41. Cam Lew

    Cam LewПре месец

    I'd love to see bdubs play and build some in valheim

  42. Other

    OtherПре месец


  43. Raiden Woody

    Raiden WoodyПре месец

    I love how bdubs works, just thinks it might work and goes for it, but it always works

  44. Julian Adamski

    Julian AdamskiПре месец

    Could you make a video that will show me how to build buildings like these in aque town, i'm not Asking for a tutorial, just something like you did before. I would really like to see something like that on your channel!

  45. Evan Taylor

    Evan TaylorПре месец

    wait he has a face

  46. RRG.R

    RRG.RПре месец

    Even a horse on steroids wouldn't be able to pull a train.

  47. Christian Van as

    Christian Van asПре месец

    Maybe put a crashed train in the mountain side

  48. Grady Barclay

    Grady BarclayПре месец

    you need to ad some wells

  49. Vernon Armstrong

    Vernon ArmstrongПре месец

    Core is that fun ive used it before this video and ive made friends and have loved it

  50. Creeper

    CreeperПре месец

    “theres dirt block right there, i gotta fix that dirt block”

  51. ProTapia

    ProTapiaПре месец

    Since you put a power line on top of the trolley the horse doesn't have much of a purpose anymore. Your trolley operates just like the ones in San Francisco

  52. Kevin Haycock

    Kevin HaycockПре месец

    Who else remembers that grian owns a plot still in there

  53. I Just Triggered You. Lel.

    I Just Triggered You. Lel.Пре месец

    Het, Bdubs. You should put some string on your roof.

  54. Plazma Hero Studios

    Plazma Hero StudiosПре месец

    Bdubs: It looks like it's blowing in the wind, but really it's a chicken trapped in there until the end of eternity :)

  55. BeansNRice

    BeansNRiceПре месец

    you should split diamonds with scar because you both technically own it

  56. artcgirl

    artcgirlПре месец

    What a great episode

  57. Aude

    AudeПре месец

    Oh my goodness he made trees with diorite how

  58. Siobhan Henry

    Siobhan HenryПре месец

    Bubbles, you are the handsomest and most wholesome minecraft youtuber, 10/10 would marry.

  59. HappyGamer 4ever

    HappyGamer 4everПре месец

    Bdubs has been sleeping too much that he IS his own clock

  60. Best Polandball

    Best PolandballПре месец

    Bdubs: I’m rich!!! Grian, Keralis, Iskall, Scar: not anymore.

  61. Darren Andrew Nabarrete

    Darren Andrew NabarreteПре месец

    hello bdouble i gave this tip to impulse but i don't know if he will know and i dont know if you will see this but put a smallest slime in the sewer base and they will not hurt you, if you want put like a fake tunnel and have a big slime on it and put a barrier there so its like hes in a cage PLS DO IT

  62. Squeaky Voice Songs

    Squeaky Voice SongsПре месец

    In old fashioned 1980 city’s they had washing lines going between building like you did but with washing you should add washing onto the wires!

  63. Chopsticks Studios 2.0

    Chopsticks Studios 2.0Пре месец

    Day one of reminding Bdubs that the upside down still exists

  64. Tonya Arevalo

    Tonya ArevaloПре месец

    Use a boat not a chicken

  65. Sergio Gaming and stuff

    Sergio Gaming and stuffПре месец

    Than core

  66. Sergio Gaming and stuff

    Sergio Gaming and stuffПре месец

    Roblox is better

  67. Sunny_boy 65

    Sunny_boy 65Пре месец

    I just realized Bdubs has no idea that I exist

  68. Missy Jo

    Missy JoПре месец

    There should be a park somewhere where kids could play also. A city park, not just a playground lol

  69. Ryan Will

    Ryan WillПре месец

    Hey idle if you read those but you should make a subway? Please consider it?

  70. PrototypePlatform

    PrototypePlatformПре месец

    is it just me or do the chicken wires add almost nothing to builds, like on a small scale it kind works but you can barely see it or even register it next to a *row of dark brown fence posts* bdubs on discord: hey xizuma can you just swing by and notice these lines that nobodys going to notice just after i place them so i can placebo the audience into thinking they're noticeable? x: sure?!

  71. Quattro

    QuattroПре месец

    Dubs has never seen power lines why would it be running across connected to building then connected to the same buildings

  72. Benjamin McAdams

    Benjamin McAdamsПре месец

    Honestly Aque town is the most inspiring thing I’ve seen this season. I’m so stoked to try something similar on my own server

  73. Sabbiosaurus 101

    Sabbiosaurus 101Пре месец

    wonder if the hermits are planning a map reset due to 1.17 coming soonish.

  74. judyjude

    judyjudeПре месец

    The horsecarriage. I suggest you put fence/gate, trapdoor, fencegate, and consider fencegates at the front too, to trap the horse. You could put a fence in the driver seat and connect the leads there. It would look better and fix the horseproblem.

  75. Tanishq Mahalathkar

    Tanishq MahalathkarПре месец

    man, now Bdubs is rich!! maybe try compete with grian? But congrats!!

  76. Smiles

    SmilesПре месец

    You could also make a tunnel in the scar mounten for the train

  77. Silveret Wilkes

    Silveret WilkesПре месец

    Am I the only one who wishes Minecraft's next update revamped trees to match the new world generation?

  78. Nathan Tan Pascual

    Nathan Tan PascualПре месец

    Bdubs: This is gonna take a lot of leaves and a lot of logs :/ Iskall's Omega Tree: Am I a joke to you?

  79. Happy Ijuko

    Happy IjukoПре месец

    Ilove this town it's amazing !

  80. tyneskipper

    tyneskipperПре месец

    how about getting Iskall to build a tram that you could put into a depot on site?

  81. Darcy Mahon

    Darcy MahonПре месец

    The iron bars make me feel like Spider-Man has been in town

  82. _lukas4o4

    _lukas4o4Пре месец

    Hey Bdubs, I‘ve got an Idea for the space that is in the middle of you Plot, to be specific the space that is shrouded by all the great Buildings of yours... You could build a park! In New York there are also tiny Parks in between some buildings, and I think that would fit great in the Style of Aqua Town. The entrance would of course be between Snips and the TNT shop and I it is self explanatory after that. Thanks for the great Content!

  83. James Campbell

    James CampbellПре месец

    If any of you guys are interested, I've started making videos! Any support is appreciated! Cheers x

  84. Kaiser Avatar

    Kaiser AvatarПре месец

    And now Grian is trying to buy Peaks off Scar for 25 blocks.

  85. NekO RelliK

    NekO RelliKПре месец

    Use string to keep the horse in the trolly front?

  86. Anna

    AnnaПре месец

    I don’t feel like a horse would pull a trolley down train tracks? like I think your trolley would either be powered by the line at the top or the tracks itself. horse feels out of place

  87. Haider Khan

    Haider KhanПре месец

    Who else misses the Bdubs timelapses? I think they were very nice!

  88. stumble

    stumbleПре месец

    tbh the vines are too much, maybe a few but that many makes it look abandoned

  89. chance webb

    chance webbПре месец

    Anyone else get that Fly Boys reference.

  90. Derp

    DerpПре месец

    What about putting some kind of resort or water side hotel cafe thing to the right of scars armor shop

  91. 1TZ N1GHTM4R3

    1TZ N1GHTM4R3Пре месец

    Pls make a Aque peak tutorial

  92. PickleBoy 6010

    PickleBoy 6010Пре месец

    I built my own weeping willow tree thanks for the inspiration. Wish I could show you I turned out epic

  93. Peza777

    Peza777Пре месец

    i forget most people dont have trams in their city, this just looks so much like a normal Melbourne inner city street

  94. ricooskar

    ricooskarПре месец

    16:41 Bdubs: Das okay

  95. red fox

    red foxПре месец

    Bdubs making a horse drawn tram on rails with a frikin antenna be like: old skool city 🤪

  96. Matetocol

    MatetocolПре месец

    Hey bdubs when will the episode 500 of building with bdubs will come! It's been more than a year I think

  97. НИЧЕГО из пластилина

    НИЧЕГО из пластилинаПре месец

    C - FORT O - NITE R - ROBLOX E - e

  98. Watteri

    WatteriПре месец

    Im waiting for someone to make a sugar crash edit of xisuma walking into the sun

  99. James Hunter

    James HunterПре месец

    I appreciate the power lines Bdubs :D

  100. MJisBatman

    MJisBatmanПре месец

    PETA: the abuse you give those chickens in unacceptable