Hermitcraft 50 Episode Extravaganza!

Minecraft on the Hermitcraft Server Season 7 Episode 50! Today on hermitcraft, we celebrate 50 awesome episodes on the server by doing what we do best! Losing our minds.
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  1. Chase O'Hara

    Chase O'HaraПре 5 сати

    ...who uses a whole box of baking soda to do any of those things?... :P

  2. Chase O'Hara

    Chase O'HaraПре 5 сати

    faster isn't the same as efficient haha

  3. CxQcrossWA 100

    CxQcrossWA 100Пре 9 дана

    50 32:11 0:07

  4. phaserra

    phaserraПре 11 дана

    Hermitcraft makes me think minecraft is a capitalism game more than anything.

  5. Strawberry Bunny

    Strawberry BunnyПре 16 дана

    I saw Bdubs vent in the blacksmith room and the bakery

  6. Strawberry Bunny

    Strawberry BunnyПре 16 дана

    I use TNT to make the TNT

  7. ThatGuyHelm

    ThatGuyHelmПре 18 дана

    I feel like Bdubs might have had these thoughts of Baking Soda building up for a while

  8. Connor Eliassen

    Connor EliassenПре 19 дана

    Your newly bought baking soda stinks? Just go to the store and buy a box of baking soda!

  9. Carmen Eguireun

    Carmen EguireunПре 20 дана

    US: Hole cover OTHER CONTRIES: Sewer Cover Me a normal Brit: YOU MEAN A GRATE!!!!!!

  10. Jude Lindsay

    Jude LindsayПре 22 дана


  11. Castor Ramirez

    Castor RamirezПре 22 дана

    I would love to see an entire video, of him just showcasing his builds.

  12. Starlight

    StarlightПре 24 дана

    Honestly the entire etho rant, the bdubs rant, and the working with turtles is just a mood

  13. Killer Zer0X

    Killer Zer0XПре 26 дана

    ...long time fan......you haven’t changed onnnnne bit lol

  14. ceruchi

    ceruchiПре 26 дана

    I have yet to see a Bdubs interior that I don't LOVE. The kitchen and blacksmith rooms are so cozy-I'd love to spend time there without playing Among Us!

  15. Otto Oetting

    Otto OettingПре 26 дана

    Bdubs: Working with TNT. Also Bdubs: Doesn't get blown up. Literally everyone: There is a disturbance in the natural order.

  16. Maximus Eads

    Maximus EadsПре 27 дана

    "Gimmie the big bamboo MAMA!'- Bdubs

  17. Bianca Vela

    Bianca VelaПре 28 дана

    that intro was great 😂🤣

  18. Emily Smith

    Emily SmithПре 28 дана

    I think you are awesome Bdubs

  19. Abdiel Maguigad

    Abdiel MaguigadПре 28 дана

    Etho: has a single player world B-dubs: ah, a perfect thing to rant

  20. Pico G58

    Pico G58Пре 29 дана

    lol my favorite

  21. Lucas Thompson

    Lucas ThompsonПре месец

    Start of Vidio: Almost faintly has a tune. Elybeatmaker: SONG!!!

  22. BJbear2001

    BJbear2001Пре месец

    Bdubs, can you place an icone over the video screen location where the mic icon blinks? The blinky mic is great for the game, but really distracting to watch. I appreciate your work as always!

  23. BJbear2001

    BJbear2001Пре месец

    I looove Bdubs' patience! Like patience working with things worse than villagers.

  24. Syberyah

    SyberyahПре месец

    The beginning of this video is just BDubs Being Passive Aggressive Toward Baking Soda Companies For Five Minutes

  25. Kats Emeraldz

    Kats EmeraldzПре месец

    Bdubs: "Aqua town!" *fanbase starts furiously typing up memes* Bdubs: "AQUE TOWN oh sorry, I said that wrong!"

  26. io

    ioПре месец

    “Does your toilet stink? Oh good! Buy some baking soda, open it, dump the whole thing down into the toilet! Now the toilet doesn’t stink anymore! OHHHH” I had to replay this about 20 times, I couldn’t stop laughing!

  27. LIEC D.

    LIEC D.Пре месец

    4:48 on a totally unrelated note: shouldn’t coffee grounds work better than baking soda?

  28. Mick Mick

    Mick MickПре месец

    Why is er smoke coming from the suier thing

  29. OrangeSkull10

    OrangeSkull10Пре месец

    Been waiting 11 days for a new vid!

  30. Jacob Schrimm

    Jacob SchrimmПре месец

    Congrats on the 50th episode Bdubs! Fantastic work as always

  31. Everrain2

    Everrain2Пре месец

    To be fair baking soda and vinegar can clean everything in your house extremely well.... plus they are both much cheaper than cleaners. It can even get crayon off the walls. :)

  32. Geekygrl 10

    Geekygrl 10Пре месец

    When Bdubs was talking about Grian being a costing, I just had flashbacks to Peter Pan. "I'm a CODFISH!"

  33. Joona Vaan

    Joona VaanПре месец

    the struggle to come and check bdub's channel everyday just to check for a new episode ;_;

  34. isa greenleaf

    isa greenleafПре месец

    What a fabulous 50th episode! Congrats!

  35. Jake LaPutka

    Jake LaPutkaПре месец

    I want to play a round of disc golf with Bdubs

  36. Ole van der Linden

    Ole van der LindenПре месец

    you should play terra swoop force with the entire hermit crft server

  37. bob the builder

    bob the builderПре месец

    you guys think that Bdubs will ever play cube world again (the ogs will know)

  38. Hannah Ferrier

    Hannah FerrierПре месец

    Very funny episode, ill have to try that sand trick.

  39. Mason D.

    Mason D.Пре месец

    8:09 "the best investment is haute boasting!" -bdubs 😂😂

  40. BobTheBox

    BobTheBoxПре месец

    I thought this was a recap video from the thumbnail. Took me till HC recap to realise this is an actual episode

  41. Ferris the Red

    Ferris the RedПре месец

    I'm glad someone else is as excited for the new dark blocks as I have been, they are adding so much nice variety to greyscale palettes.

  42. Hannah Elise

    Hannah EliseПре месец

    The proximity thing is so cool! I’ve always wished there was a way that the hermits could talk to each other without having to preplan it

  43. Aniket johri

    Aniket johriПре месец

    Well what was the point in first 3 minutes that bdubs was telling

  44. Ghostgamer 101

    Ghostgamer 101Пре месец

    Bdubs trying to explain among us is quite comedic

  45. 0akshadow

    0akshadowПре месец

    I dare you to listen to this video at 1.75x speed lmao

  46. JWTrainboy3

    JWTrainboy3Пре месец


  47. MudBunny

    MudBunnyПре месец

    Do you stink? Go buy a box of baking soda and poor it on yourself. Obvious no more water bills for shower

  48. WaffleCat

    WaffleCatПре месец


  49. Gerald Thaler

    Gerald ThalerПре месец

    Love ur Videos! U always make me laugh - at least smile...

  50. SwedishTerminantor

    SwedishTerminantorПре месец

    I think bdubs is sponsored by baking soda

  51. Charlotte

    CharlotteПре месец

    That little look into the creative world reeeeaaally makes me miss a building with bdubs series. Any chance that's coming back?

  52. Luna Has a YouTube Channel

    Luna Has a YouTube ChannelПре месец

    Also, anyone else notice that most hermits see Grian as a Cod, and see the Cod as Grian?

  53. Luna Has a YouTube Channel

    Luna Has a YouTube ChannelПре месец

    Bdubs: I found this long sword design on Reddit, but I don’t know who made it Me: Eystreem...?

  54. BluDragon Project

    BluDragon ProjectПре месец

    Hey Bdubs, congrats! Ramble on dude!

  55. Jamie Turney

    Jamie TurneyПре месец

    beep beep bdubs keralis and cleo have found the sewer

  56. Tobias Andersen

    Tobias AndersenПре месец

    you allle redy lost. ore scare.

  57. Ivel Kniewel

    Ivel KniewelПре месец

    Why does the thumbnail so drunk

  58. EJ Abesamis

    EJ AbesamisПре месец

    bdubs relocate cleo and keralis found the sewers and are gonna catch you in the act

  59. it's max power

    it's max powerПре месец

    Hey bdubs remember flyboys

  60. Wilson22lol XD

    Wilson22lol XDПре месец

    You know keralis is make a among us as well

  61. SironNFuries

    SironNFuriesПре месец

    I loved the kitchen! The blacksmith area was lacking a bit of character.

  62. Omkar Gaykar

    Omkar GaykarПре месец

    Forces the turtles to breed and says "This is our moment" xD BDubs you funny

  63. Annabel Hawksworth

    Annabel HawksworthПре месец

    Watched a video on your channel from 2 years ago and you sound so different.... and now I’m confused

  64. The Youssef's World

    The Youssef's WorldПре месец

    you should put which hermit smells like beef

  65. Francisco Stephens

    Francisco StephensПре месец

    Have you heard about baking soda and super glue?

  66. Lena B.

    Lena B.Пре месец

    I think baking soda just broke bubbles' matrix

  67. sigurd langhus

    sigurd langhusПре месец

    Can you make a tutorial on the wizard tower????

  68. Virtuositas Project

    Virtuositas ProjectПре месец

    I’m secretly hoping bdubs becomes one of the greatest Redstoners. Just busting out dustless compact designs like it’s nothing during “Redstone with Bduubbbsss!”

  69. ShadyWat TheBean

    ShadyWat TheBeanПре месец

    Etho doesn’t smell like cheese! Etho smells like beef!... And farts rainbows that exude happiness gorgeously

  70. Mushroom Clouds

    Mushroom CloudsПре месец

    Etho tells me to use TNT Me:doesn’t believe it Bdubs tells me to use TNT Me: alright ig it actually works

  71. pathetic uwu

    pathetic uwuПре месец

    The proximity chat is gonna make silent shenanigans so great. If you mute yourself and then go mess with another hermit. But you can hear their reaction.

  72. Yuvrajmarkham Verma

    Yuvrajmarkham VermaПре месец

    Dream was mineing sand with tnt lol not lieing

  73. big chungies

    big chungiesПре месец

    Hello Mr look through the comments 😀 😄

  74. WaffleCat

    WaffleCatПре месец


  75. dudethatsradical

    dudethatsradicalПре месец

    Well hello there.

  76. big chungies

    big chungiesПре месец

    P.s. etho is a sucker!

  77. Jacky C

    Jacky CПре месец

    LLAMB Bookstore Goodie Box is great!

  78. -Flipnoodle -

    -Flipnoodle -Пре месец

    ok who else noticed the voice change?

  79. David Motik

    David MotikПре месец

    so you use baking soda for everything but baking?

  80. Meg

    MegПре месец

    Watching you struggle with the turtles was the best 😆

  81. h LOL154

    h LOL154Пре месец

    Grian underwater = cordfish Minecraft Cordfish = grian

  82. Tree Chops ?

    Tree Chops ?Пре месец

    Instead of putting chickens in the cages, maybe you can do parrots

  83. R M

    R MПре месец

    Etho smells like beef not cheese

  84. Creekchub

    CreekchubПре месец

    Baking soda was the secret sponsor for the episode

  85. Creekchub

    CreekchubПре месец

    30:00 bdubs stops ranting about etho TNT tips

  86. Stephen K

    Stephen KПре месец

    I got a little confused while watching this episode and put TNT in my toilet, pls send help

  87. Jackpot 95

    Jackpot 95Пре месец

    Make a map that looks like stone so you can make hidden doors

  88. GreenFrosty

    GreenFrostyПре месец

    Does Your trash smell bad? Go buy bakin soda and throw it in! ‘’ why don’t u just go out with it 😂’’

  89. GreenFrosty

    GreenFrostyПре месец

    Bdubs is a sweet man

  90. a l t i k

    a l t i kПре месец

    bdubs just broke etho's his machine he didnt renamed it :D

  91. Jordarrow-nova

    Jordarrow-novaПре месец

    I skipped through the video for some reason and I saw this but out of context 4:33 I was confused.

  92. Plazma Hero Studios

    Plazma Hero StudiosПре месец

    amazing job on the black smith Bdubs! I'm always trying to build something like this, and I can't quite do it, but this is amazing!

  93. Raccoonlivesmatter 15

    Raccoonlivesmatter 15Пре месец

    You can tell the age range when u think about the type of chesse bdubs smells like

  94. Aqil Adham

    Aqil AdhamПре месец

    "TNT to make TNT"

  95. Charlotte Parker

    Charlotte ParkerПре месец

    The synonymous vault perinatally tease because click worrisomely entertain along a placid maid. workable, outrageous guilty

  96. bhopkins1980

    bhopkins1980Пре месец

    Valheim bdubbs get the game and check out the building in it you'll love it!!!

  97. Motion VideoBlasters

    Motion VideoBlastersПре месец

    BDubs! Blue Nerd Minecraft made the sword! Just look up Japanese designs by Blue Nerd Minecraft!

  98. Legendary Memer

    Legendary MemerПре месец

    And then boom power blast!!!!

  99. Typhus1313

    Typhus1313Пре месец

    You need to rename the head for it to work. His is called Etho while yours is called Etho's Head

  100. Arpan Subba

    Arpan SubbaПре месец

    26:16 hahhahaha😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  101. _Shaey_

    _Shaey_Пре месец

    What's the proximity thing? Can you link it?

  102. Hexnetic

    HexneticПре месец

    Bedrock TNT

  103. TidalSurge

    TidalSurgeПре месец

    The best way to boast. Solid diamond banners just out of reach of your competition. Also I love your content and the shear randomness energy you give off.

  104. endersans

    endersansПре месец

    if you have blond hair your a sucker