Huge Villager Boom! :: Hermitcraft #51

Minecraft on the Hermitcraft Server Season 7 Episode 51! Today on hermitcraft, we bring a huge horde of villagers into our town!
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  1. Diego López Aragón

    Diego López AragónПре 6 сати

    29:47 looks like something else...

  2. Cillian O'Donovan

    Cillian O'DonovanПре 7 дана

    Bdubs: I think I can break it and it will lock it's trade? Me: NO NO NO NO NO NO NO

  3. Jonathan Thorsén

    Jonathan ThorsénПре 7 дана

    Wow you have grown man! I just blinked and its already been 7 years since i last was here watching the cube world series... keep it up!! Except the seven diff yt accounts

  4. Andrea Farina

    Andrea FarinaПре 8 дана

    I have no idea if anybody has pointed this out, but the villager breeder is a design by LogicalGeekBoy. Great youtuber and technical player

  5. Israel Ford

    Israel FordПре 10 дана

    You should make a secret cave in your Mountain

  6. Mason

    MasonПре 15 дана

    Them villagers do be sus 29:41

  7. Zeve Z

    Zeve ZПре 18 дана

    You should make them come out from the pond near the portal under the bridge! That way it blends into the water and it can be in the center of the village

  8. Kailan Soanes

    Kailan SoanesПре 18 дана

    Can’t wait for summer cause pretty sure that’s the time 1.17 is estimated to be out

  9. troy gaming 35

    troy gaming 35Пре 19 дана

    has check theres a mic in the right bottom corner when bdubs talk

  10. isyoboi

    isyoboiПре 20 дана

    its very intersting to me how you can distinguish builder pros who play in creative from regular survival players lol.(couldve broken the bookshelves to get a book)

  11. Melissa James

    Melissa JamesПре 20 дана

    LMAO the subtle zoom onto the beehive absolutely destroyed me

  12. namariie

    namariieПре 21 дан

    It would be really cool to have some benches and/or a gazebo along the mountain path!

  13. Jordan Bowlmaster

    Jordan BowlmasterПре 21 дан

    need another map play through with atleast etho

  14. Rishi Nixon

    Rishi NixonПре 23 дана

    BDubs is like the classic minecraft player. Instead of building a giant trading system, he trades wit his villagers just roaming around his village. Even the block palette is made for his builds.

  15. Tyler Stacherski

    Tyler StacherskiПре 23 дана

    29:33 😂😂What ere they doing in there 😂😂

  16. TCause

    TCauseПре 23 дана

    This man just didnt build anything for 38 minutes straight and still manages to be really fun and entertaining... what a wizard🤯

  17. Yash Gurav

    Yash GuravПре 23 дана

    Just let the villagers pop out from washrooms That would be funny lol 🤣

  18. DeDoentje

    DeDoentjeПре 24 дана

    At 27:27 minutes, is he zooming in at a hidden beehive he didn’t noticed at the moment? He had buzzing bee troubles, earlier in the season.

  19. JoeySoldado

    JoeySoldadoПре 24 дана

    when a youtube video has one of the scenes you just skip...

  20. Eg Head

    Eg HeadПре 24 дана


  21. Moonsire

    MoonsireПре 24 дана

    29:35 was a very awkward moment.

  22. Sorting Pigeon

    Sorting PigeonПре 25 дана


  23. Koko Is A Cat

    Koko Is A CatПре 26 дана


  24. It's a Tree

    It's a TreeПре 26 дана

    At the path up to the castle add some benches

  25. Lyvaella

    LyvaellaПре 26 дана

    Flawless!! Ah ha!!! Love your face :)

  26. Coleman Jones

    Coleman JonesПре 26 дана

    BDUBS! After all these years I still smile when I hear your intros :) Thanks for all you do man!

  27. Zachary Fuchs

    Zachary FuchsПре 26 дана

    Great video maybe next video you could do something in aque town

  28. Josh Boucher

    Josh BoucherПре 27 дана

    Bdubs: more than six Impulse: grians math says nine regular math says 7

  29. SleepyDog

    SleepyDogПре 27 дана

    Hilarious -New York RSclub Times


    SMPLKLLПре 27 дана

    Noone: Bdoubs: Oh thats fantastic, we have a fat wolf!

  31. Paul Fritze

    Paul FritzeПре 27 дана

    Hey Bdubs, great Video today!

  32. Humanoid Dragon

    Humanoid DragonПре 27 дана

    Bedubs u are in a fishing town what do u expect they want to be fishermen

  33. Vips0410

    Vips0410Пре 27 дана

    Bdubs 🤗 solute to u man , u and scar are the most powerfull nuke to destroy this world of unhappiness with beautiful builds in mincraft

  34. Gideon Ferguson

    Gideon FergusonПре 27 дана

    Bdubs! You can put a redstone door under the bridge to stop any villagers from going to the nether

  35. twistersage

    twistersageПре 27 дана

    So, Grian added your face to Barge HQ, probs time to mention the voluntary merger by use of Perfect Realty imagery.

  36. Sindri

    SindriПре 27 дана

    I cannot unsee what those villagers were doing in his bed....

  37. benispoy2

    benispoy2Пре 28 дана

    i would say create a wall around the village so they don’t leave and die

  38. KaiPlayz

    KaiPlayzПре 28 дана

    ok but- 29:44 theyre kissing in the corner while the third- im not gonna say it- if you know you know

  39. Sinjin

    SinjinПре 28 дана

    I like to watch all of the hermits(I admit, half), and you are super special...until haha you try to be intelligent (im not denying that you are!) and you get beaten in that by scar or xisuma haha...just for example. Jees, 1 year ago i was so neglient of you (sry my english), but you are one of the best! But the the ability you have everything, so its cool! I wish i ever get a normal girlfriend just to exchange ideas....that makes you a person! im a nobody...and why you are so cool, you make those vids for older ppl at the sametime it works for younger...its perfect! And if you genuinly laugh at your own jokes...why stop? ever hahaha Well, you are very good with other ppl! im in my 40s too...i just wanted to say how i think..i kinda read ppl like code lol and what girl likes that???? i never met one! all they want is is more important than the person one is...the main thing is one has money!

  40. Endy Star

    Endy StarПре 28 дана

    Removing the workstations will prevent your villagers from restocking

  41. Pablo Couto

    Pablo CoutoПре 28 дана

    he didn't saw the Bee hive jsjsjsjsjsjsjs XDXDXDXD

  42. Sharang Ramakrishnan

    Sharang RamakrishnanПре 28 дана

    Hey bubbles, make some more librarian villagers for the glass instead of smelting sand.

  43. Noah Leblanc

    Noah LeblancПре 28 дана

    23:35 LESS GOO

  44. ArchetypeGotoh

    ArchetypeGotohПре 28 дана

    27:26 LOLS

  45. Lord Zizo

    Lord ZizoПре 28 дана

    Did you see it already Bdoubs Grian changed the Location of your Billboard in Aqua Town. Built a new Tower. and Bought another one for 35 Blocks of Diamonds. The Deal from Scar was to take away gigant Bdoubs from the Tower. He did. only he couldn't He hang your smiling Billboard on his Tower.

  46. Razia 2

    Razia 2Пре 28 дана

    21:30 - Big Bang Theory(1920) + Every Living thing From Water 41:11 - Everything Was Initially Smoke. 31:29 - Slow merge of the day & night. 39:5 - Allah Coils Night into Day & Day into Night. 79:30 - The earth egg shaped expansion (Dahama) - Ostrich Egg Shaped All These are not possible unless earth was spherical where science claimed before that earth was flat. 25:61 - Moon is luminous(Munir - That which is lighted literally) But science previously claimed the moon has its own light 21:33 - He created the sun & the moon, each traveling on its own axis. 36:40 - Sun & Moon have their own orbits. But science claimed the sun revolved around the earth & all planets revolve around the earth. It also claimed that the sun didn't rotate on its own axis even in the 1980s. 36:38 - The sun is reaching its endpoint. But science discovered it recently. 21:32 - The sky(atmosphere) is protection. Science later confirmed that it protects us from harmful UV rays. 25:59 - Allah created whatever is BETWEEN the Heavens & the Earth. This includes plasma which was very recently discovered until which we thought there are only 3 states of matter. Solid, Liquid, Gas. 51:47 - The universe is expanded. (Done by Allah) No doubt that's a very recent discovery. (Edwin Abel & others) 34:3 - Atom or something smaller than that! It was believed that Atom could not be divided (Greeks). Now we know that atom too can be divided. 39:21-Do you not see that Allah sends down rain from the sky and makes it flow as springs [and rivers) in the earth; then He produces thereby crops of varying colors; then they dry and you see them turned yellow; then He makes them (scattered] debris. Indeed in that is a reminder for those of understanding. (More 30:48, 7:57, 13:17,35:9, 36:34, 50:9-10, 56: 68-70, 25:49) But science discovered these later on. Water Cycle(1580's). More discovery Later. 78:6-7 - Mountains act as stakes for the earth (also 79:32, 88:19,21:31,31:10,16:15) This was later confirmed by Science. 25:53, 55:19,20 - Let loose two bodies(seas) who don't mix because of a barrier. Science later discovered the “Homogenizing barrier". E.g. Gulf of Mexico, Alaska. 24:40 - Depth of darkness of the vast deep ocean. I.e. it is dark in the depth of the ocean, Science later discovered with the help of submarines that it is dark deep down in the oceans. 20:53 - There is sex(Species) between plants even. (ajwaj)(See also 36:36, 51:49, 13:3) Science discovered this reality later. Everything in pairs. Even electricity(pos,neg) 21:30- Every living thing from water. (mentioned in the desserts??) Later science confirmed that every living creature contains water. (Created from the cell which contains water too) 6:38 - Every living being lives in a community. (later discovered) 16:68,69 - Bees build its cells in trees and FOLLOW THE WAYS ALLAH HAS laid down for you (Later science confirmed this with the theory of how a bee communicate regarding paths to the other bees - Bee Dance *In the Arabic the gender is evident as well)(AlsoArabic the gender is evident as well)(Also science later discovered that honey is inside bee's belly & also about benefits of honey - all these summarized in 2 ayahs) 29:41 - The spider's house is fragile. (Later science found out that their family is fragile too - female spider kills male) 27:17,18 - Ants talking!!!! (Later science discovered that the ants are the most similar to humans - even more than monkeys/apes which the atheist claim as the source of a human) 16:66 - The process of milk production & its benefits (Later discovered by science). 86:5,6 - Created from fluid emerging from backbone & ribs(Which is literally modern science) 22:5|23:13 - Super details of zygote development (Literally modern science but science denied it before) 53:45,46 - The sperm determines the gender (Again, Modern Science) 39:6 - He created you from one soul. Then He made from it its mate, and He produced for you from the grazing livestock eight mates. He creates you in the wombs of your mother's, creation after creation, within three darknesses. That is Allah, your Lord; to Him belongs dominion. There is no deity except Him, so how are you averted?((Also 23-12,13,14) Embryo Stages. (Advanced Modern Science) 76:2 - Hearing & Sight (The same order which a baby gets) (32:9 Also) 75:3,4 - Difference in fingerprints (But discovered by science on 1880) 4:56 - Skin for pain?? (Later discovered by science that the brain isn't the only organ responsible for pain) NOW ASK: How does an Arab in the desert 1400 years ago know all these? How come there is no need to add or remove anything from the Qur'an?

  47. Alexandria Burden

    Alexandria BurdenПре 28 дана

    Finally caught up on season 7! I did so miss watching BDubs...

  48. ANC Carter

    ANC CarterПре 28 дана

    29:50 hmmm lets not talk about it

  49. isa greenleaf

    isa greenleafПре 29 дана

    wonderful episode

  50. isa greenleaf

    isa greenleafПре 29 дана

    nothing more bdubs than getting villagers for the asthetics

  51. Yuvrajmarkham Verma

    Yuvrajmarkham VermaПре 29 дана

    I love this vid it’s awesome

  52. LIEC D.

    LIEC D.Пре 29 дана

    Me: im not a fan conspiracy theorist. Bdubs: “yes, yes yes, yes!” My mind: *TOM NOOK?!*

  53. d.wesley dinkins

    d.wesley dinkinsПре 29 дана

    if you put a bell in the center of the city they will congregate there

  54. Kyle Bain

    Kyle BainПре 29 дана

    the amount of excitement "I did a thing lets test it!"

  55. wizard chap

    wizard chapПре 29 дана

    What about stress's potion tree shop

  56. Hunter Bash

    Hunter BashПре 29 дана

    It was so cute when he got the dog and said “my daughter’s gonna be so happy.”

  57. Gaming On Neur0nz

    Gaming On Neur0nzПре 29 дана

    you should make a mob switch under your base so that mobs dont spawn there

  58. Minecrafter Pocket Edition

    Minecrafter Pocket EditionПре 29 дана

    Bdubs villagers won't restock if you take their job blocks

  59. Pyro Craft

    Pyro CraftПре 29 дана

    Why did BDubs zoom in at 27:28?

  60. Skrub Knight

    Skrub KnightПре 29 дана

    no matter how times i see it, it still leaves me in awe that there's an entire subterranean world beneath BDub's castle, because he simply terraformed an entirely new landscape over the old one in survival mode.

  61. TehKazlehoff

    TehKazlehoffПре 29 дана

    the villager breeder is a LogicalGeekBoy design.

  62. Ocelot

    OcelotПре месец

    Establish shops run by villagers so that you can keep the good ones.

  63. Marek Zielinski

    Marek ZielinskiПре месец

    I just got to say this... watching you do snips on Hermicraft makes me feel that you are doing it for your kids bdubz... and i can see them gigling every time you do it as well... You just have to love The Hermits to be a part of the snipping narrative while doing their own projects. Looking forward to more projects with red stone with BeeeeeeeeDubz :P

  64. Sofia Dragon

    Sofia DragonПре месец

    Anyone else remember climbing the Throat of the World in Skyrim while watching this? Just me?

  65. Adam Lombardi

    Adam LombardiПре месец

    Havent watched any Bdouble in a fee years and just wanted to say that i love u homie

  66. LionelParks

    LionelParksПре месец

    I know a lot of fun BDub things happened this episode, but I nearly lost it with that little zoom-in in the uncovered beehive when he put the barrel back. How long ago did Etho hide that there? 27:25

  67. sockswayup

    sockswayupПре месец

    I love it, bringing the village/town to life!!!

  68. Kirkorama

    KirkoramaПре месец

    Him: “Red stone with Bdubs!” Me: -watching his sanity quickly fade-

  69. Topazium Z

    Topazium ZПре месец

    29:40 You walked in on something you shouldn't have seen...

  70. KaiPlayz

    KaiPlayzПре 28 дана

    My thoughts exactly

  71. Pinz Art

    Pinz ArtПре месец

    starting the vid seeing Bdubs under his mountain, and just started to think... sooner or later, your gunna get flak from Etho for now filling it up, but you know, its not a bug... its a feature! Think of it this way, what do all good medieval castles have? A Dungeon! REALLY flex your creative muscles and fill that empty space with a giant amazing dungeon :D that's what I would love to see! Not super flashy from a distance but it'll be fun all the same :)

  72. Manuel P

    Manuel PПре месец

    maybe you could turn the area under the castle into a huge mystical forest?

  73. Lorcan

    LorcanПре месец


  74. Epic Flyswater

    Epic FlyswaterПре 29 дана


  75. Lorcan

    LorcanПре месец

    DABABY IS FREE?!!1!!

  76. Lorcan

    LorcanПре месец


  77. burnthepages

    burnthepagesПре месец

    the redstone with bdubs music makes me dance like a minecraft parrot

  78. Matthew Coleman

    Matthew ColemanПре месец

    I'd love the world download just for BDubs area!

  79. the white rabbit

    the white rabbitПре месец

    Im a new sub!

  80. Sparkey Melarkey

    Sparkey MelarkeyПре месец

    Petition to turn the mountain into a -bat- bed-cave.

  81. Clio Aquarius

    Clio AquariusПре месец

    I know it is a different type of castle, but when I used to live in Stirling Scotland I remember loving going all the way up to the castle on the rock face, looking over the town and about half way down the hill is a little outcrop called cannon hill (guess why!) and was great for stargazing and watching people cross the famous Stirling Bridge. So maybe....put a cannon on your little look out hill?

  82. skippy

    skippyПре месец

    @BDubs sometimes you sound just like markplayer

  83. Stormy Lion

    Stormy LionПре месец

    Bdubs is worried about no hat, Him literally under a mountain letting no sun in

  84. Zackery Pitman

    Zackery PitmanПре месец

    BDubs! You’ll have to build a police station or like a knighthood to defend your village against zombies! The policemen can be iron golems with a custom police officer skin!

  85. IDK

    IDKПре месец

    Bdubs can make a magic village under the castle

  86. Hans Gerber

    Hans GerberПре месец

    29:52 I would think twice about these guys as roomates

  87. Iceberg Kingdom

    Iceberg KingdomПре месец

    The dog shut the door?

  88. Don Knoward

    Don KnowardПре месец

    Bdubs, if you break a job block, the corresponding villager won’t refresh its trades. Job blocks have to be in a 3x3 2-block-deep area centered around the villager’s feet and the block below their feet

  89. Brandon Spurlock

    Brandon SpurlockПре месец

    If they do turn into zombies, they will burn. If you add a head, they won't

  90. Esmeralda Garcia-Trejo

    Esmeralda Garcia-TrejoПре месец

    When you realize Bdubs got rid of the podium for the mending villager guy 🧍‍♀️

  91. P M

    P MПре месец

    Bdubs's Redstone is perfect like his PERFECT REAL-ESTATE AGENCY; Don't question it!

  92. King Potato

    King PotatoПре месец

    Ah villagers, the bane of my existence sometimes

  93. Kael Rutledge

    Kael RutledgeПре месец

    You should add some trees or bushes on the path up to the castle, because it looks kinda barren right now

  94. wookiecookie

    wookiecookieПре месец

    you should make a breeder in town that way baby villagers would be there two

  95. tsunsu

    tsunsuПре месец

    The trades need locked yes but you need to keep the stations out to acsess the trades time to get intiriors going corse it will be guss work who was what without a tag. Still loved this exsited to see more. Have a good day!!!! /)(\ #BrodcastYoureself

  96. Nathyn Rousselo

    Nathyn RousseloПре месец

    U can Build a hospital and have villagers come out of it

  97. Konsta Nevalainen

    Konsta NevalainenПре месец

    Bdubs Scar has made new bigger office in aque town bdubs should make bigger one

  98. HappyGamer 4ever

    HappyGamer 4everПре месец

    One of the rarest things in the Hermitcraft server is to see Bdubs's base in night time. Prove me wrong

  99. Gabriel Almeida

    Gabriel AlmeidaПре месец

    Build some type off ship where they come so it looks like they travelled from somewhere else to get to your village.

  100. deadbricks

    deadbricksПре месец

    we can just bring more guys over -bdouble o

  101. G4T0R4D3_ M4N

    G4T0R4D3_ M4NПре месец

    i feel like every day of the big sick that goes by, b-dubs becomes even more insane

  102. Diego Couto

    Diego CoutoПре месец

    light up the city

  103. Eclipse Sarah

    Eclipse SarahПре месец

    Idea: make a city under the castle, basically a secret society hidden away under a hill. (This idea was inspired by Haven city from Artemis Fowl)

  104. Scroty McBoogerballs

    Scroty McBoogerballsПре месец

    Bdubs' village be like: "Oops, all fishermen!"