I Tamed the Beast! :: Hermitcraft #31

Minecraft on the Hermitcraft Server Season 7 Episode 31! Today on the Hermitcraft Minecraft server, we build a flying trains for the mini-games district! Later we have some fun with some friends and try out Decked Out!
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  1. trueborn jester

    trueborn jesterПре 24 дана

    Decked out is to intense to watch. What a great game in a game

  2. Max Power

    Max PowerПре 3 месеца

    I think you really should've used a more contrasting color for the top of the train. would've made all the difference in selling what it is supposed to be.

  3. Sepia Smith

    Sepia SmithПре 4 месеца

    between this episode and the last, I just cannot express how much joy Bdubs gives me. his fun voices, his "EVERYTHING IS FINE!" panic, the brilliant jokes that he doesn't even bring attention to sometimes, the GORGEOUSSSS builds, the clever redstone fun, the roleplaying with the other hermits, the positivity and FUN he radiates....god I love it. I am so so grateful he joined S6 because I never would have found his channel.

  4. M

    MПре 4 месеца

    Netherlands i live there, the country....

  5. linear

    linearПре 4 месеца

    holy shiz decked out is such a great vanilla game, my god... it deserves so much respect and yknow PRAISE, TANGO UR AMAZING BRUH

  6. Liam Tanis

    Liam TanisПре 5 месеци

    "The Netherlands Mini-Game"???? As a Dutch guy I'm lmao

  7. Kellan Blalack

    Kellan BlalackПре 5 месеци

    The hamburger shop should be mcgonealds cut everything is gone

  8. Kellan Blalack

    Kellan BlalackПре 5 месеци


  9. Aruna

    ArunaПре 5 месеци

    10:33 Is this a Simpsons reference Bdubs? "Do do doo" like "I Choo-choo-choose you" the valentines card Ralph got with a picture of a train on it. Or am I clutching at straws here?

  10. kswsquared

    kswsquaredПре 5 месеци

    My favorite hermitcraft S7 deaths by far are those that happened to Bdubs. 😅

  11. Martin Kilmer

    Martin KilmerПре 5 месеци

    I didn't know you can move end crystal

  12. Doodle Dust

    Doodle DustПре 5 месеци

    I'm pretty sure bdubs is the only one (that I've watched so far) that actually remembered the soul flame thing lol

  13. Nobodyspecial 2004

    Nobodyspecial 2004Пре 5 месеци

    people from the actual Netherlands: . _.

  14. Natalie Skirrow-Gurney

    Natalie Skirrow-GurneyПре 5 месеци

    Decked out is literally the coolest thing on any hermitcraft ever - I want a real life version!

  15. Gozilla III

    Gozilla IIIПре 5 месеци

    Keralis has made me permanently want to call Xisuma Shaswamy....

  16. Rockstar V

    Rockstar VПре 5 месеци

    did tango use creative? How did he get ravagers!!!

  17. Rockstar V

    Rockstar VПре 5 месеци

    and how did he get the wither skeletons

  18. Johan Bjuren

    Johan BjurenПре 6 месеци

    i wanna see more

  19. TorebeCP

    TorebeCPПре 6 месеци

    Bdubs, please show us every single run of Decked Out.

  20. Aiden

    AidenПре 6 месеци

    Bdubs can i join hermitcraft i know it is a very slim chance but give me i a chance talk to the other hermits about it pls thanks

  21. Simpson

    SimpsonПре 6 месеци

    my god what a first run

  22. Makidraws4fun

    Makidraws4funПре 6 месеци

    I thought Grian was good but....Bdubs is amazing at decked out

  23. the nugget

    the nuggetПре 6 месеци


  24. Jary XD

    Jary XDПре 6 месеци

    Good run bdubs!!!

  25. dragonhed123

    dragonhed123Пре 6 месеци

    that meeting with keralis was so funny i legit laughed twice i had to watch it 2 times lmao!!!

  26. Steve Sa

    Steve SaПре 6 месеци

    Can you guys implement a rule that during Halloween season nobody is allowed to sleep and skip nights? I think it would really contribute to the whole spooky feeling!

  27. ceruchi

    ceruchiПре 6 месеци

    A smokestack on the front car of the train on the Overworld side would really sell it as a train, even from far away and even for people who rushed through the portal without thinking what they were looking at. And smoke peeling back and down away from it would give us that sense of drama and movement that you captured so well in the netherrack blocks and flowerpots at the bottom. Not trying to be critical-I love your builds! I just had trouble seeing it as a train on the Overworld side, without knowing exactly what to look for. (P.S. I'm taking the idea for a smokestack from Raujour D, who brought it up in another comment.)

  28. Mighty Mike

    Mighty MikeПре 6 месеци

    Myceliom resistance last forever

  29. Mighty Mike

    Mighty MikeПре 6 месеци

    The Netherlands is a country

  30. MarkakaMark

    MarkakaMarkПре 6 месеци

    More decked out its so entertaining to watch!

  31. Xpombg Gaming

    Xpombg GamingПре 6 месеци

    If you want to acuritly make the Netherlands just put 100000000 windmils everywere

  32. redstoneking46

    redstoneking46Пре 6 месеци

    If your going to call it netherlands might aswell call it holland XD

  33. jayden sturges

    jayden sturgesПре 6 месеци

    i wish i could say that ur channel bought me out of a dark place but i cant bcus i cant be in a dark place when im subscribed to you keep up the good work bdubs always stay happy and be urself :)

  34. Alice In Wonderland

    Alice In WonderlandПре 6 месеци

    Bdubs : People are doing terrible horrid things. Aren't they? Cat : yeah Timestamp- 5:33

  35. Varix

    VarixПре 6 месеци

    Does anyone know the timelapse music that Bdubs uses?

  36. TacoTCR

    TacoTCRПре 6 месеци

    So funny when you actually live in the country called the netherlands. Same shitty landscape too!

  37. Mkmaster 21

    Mkmaster 21Пре 6 месеци

    What’s the intro song?

  38. Trippy Dangles

    Trippy DanglesПре 6 месеци

    Put a broken railroad going up with it and the end is broken off and pointing down

  39. bgrinvalds

    bgrinvaldsПре 6 месеци

    i like the diorit

  40. Spriy

    SpriyПре 6 месеци

    So THAT's where Tag 2: Electric Boogaloo ended up.

  41. Jame-c

    Jame-cПре 6 месеци

    Bdubs when the sun passes the middle the slightest bit “sleep”

  42. Archiie

    ArchiieПре 6 месеци

    is there a tutorial for the concrete shop?

  43. eli

    eliПре 6 месеци

    more decked out!

  44. abs0lut610

    abs0lut610Пре 6 месеци

    I love the nether entry for the NetherLands, very creative! I think you should stylize the front of the train a bit more tho if at all possible, and are the flames oriented correctly? I feel like they should be sparking out from the wheels of then train. Either way, it looks awesome

  45. abs0lut610

    abs0lut610Пре 6 месеци

    Solid first run Bdubs! Definitely run more Decked Out!! What a cool game, love seeing different hermits play it :D

  46. WaspBrain

    WaspBrainПре 6 месеци

    0:53 oh my god im dying at that well played sir

  47. Keaton Baker

    Keaton BakerПре 6 месеци

    BDUBS.................... Thumbnail game strong. Very strong.

  48. Nikki van Braam

    Nikki van BraamПре 6 месеци

    As someone from the netherlands I was confused when he said it.

  49. De Boesjes

    De BoesjesПре 6 месеци

    18:45 I think it would be funny if you made that train look like a Dutch train

  50. btd5 ninja

    btd5 ninjaПре 6 месеци

    the fact bdubs ran past the spot he needed twice and didnt notice amuses me

  51. Arroz Frito

    Arroz FritoПре 6 месеци

    For a 1st Decked Out run that was crazy good.

  52. Anna M

    Anna MПре 6 месеци

    More decked out please!!!!!

  53. Arroz Frito

    Arroz FritoПре 6 месеци

    The piston method for getting rid of the end crystal is a lot more powerful than necessary, in spanish we have a saying for that: "Killing a fly with a cannon shot".

  54. Arroz Frito

    Arroz FritoПре 6 месеци

    Original saying is "matar a una mosca de un cañonazo"

  55. Bob Beekman

    Bob BeekmanПре 6 месеци

    W O O D

  56. Joe Mitchell

    Joe MitchellПре 6 месеци

    when bdubs is calm he's got this soothing radio dj voice.

  57. Lawful Gray

    Lawful GrayПре 6 месеци

    its become a let's play of decked out in minecraft. gameception

  58. Ariharan

    AriharanПре 6 месеци

    B double O pls get cheer TFC and play with him

  59. Arekushisu Ito

    Arekushisu ItoПре 6 месеци

    I personally think that the gaming district should also have a mayor and instead of a diamond throne its emerald throne like if you agree

  60. my FNaF theory non animated

    my FNaF theory non animatedПре 6 месеци

    its funny because i live in the Netherlands and this episode is abot the minigame district called the netherlands.

  61. Gidjon

    GidjonПре 6 месеци

    Moving the End Crystal reminded me of the older versions of minecraft where you would have to piston away a peice of tnt because chopping it made it explode

  62. A Dude

    A DudeПре 6 месеци

    Is b going to have to rebuild the roof of the castle out of copper in 1.17

  63. Emiel Haerden

    Emiel HaerdenПре 6 месеци

    Bdubs is like Mater after finding out Lighting finished the road 😂

  64. Tar_zan 2319

    Tar_zan 2319Пре 6 месеци

    Hey b-dubs any fathering tips? My son just turned 2 months on the 6th!!

  65. Boa 41

    Boa 41Пре 6 месеци

    Nice train but I think you should add more color to it

  66. Dominik Bürkle

    Dominik BürkleПре 6 месеци

    whats about upside down??!! :((((

  67. Linus Weiffenbach

    Linus WeiffenbachПре 6 месеци

    I think it would be easier to understand that it is a train if u also build a locomotive at the front

  68. Purpledblade 80

    Purpledblade 80Пре 6 месеци

    You should make it that you can get to the other train part with a jump and run of the blocks that are flying around.

  69. Jojo freezer

    Jojo freezerПре 6 месеци

    Make the train red and white

  70. TheSoberDrunkman

    TheSoberDrunkmanПре 6 месеци

    I remeber suggesting the piston thing ^_^

  71. Tatoe

    TatoeПре 6 месеци

    anyone else listen to these videos with only sound cos his voice is so soothing

  72. Dan Hamilton

    Dan HamiltonПре 6 месеци

    Yes, please, bdubs. Moaarrr Decked Out! 😁

  73. Luke Ellis

    Luke EllisПре 6 месеци

    Your decked out run was fuckin nuts!!!!

  74. no dog that aint me

    no dog that aint meПре 6 месеци

    Instead of clicking as fast as you can use the song to time your click to try to get within frames of a frame perfect click and win every time,

  75. Reese Elkaim

    Reese ElkaimПре 6 месеци

    Bdubs you should do a Bdubs interior shop.

  76. William Joy Allen Marcilla

    William Joy Allen MarcillaПре 6 месеци

    Chu chu train

  77. cameron bringhurst

    cameron bringhurstПре 6 месеци

    I can’t help but notice that the train looks like a broken halo ring from the game halo

  78. TheCrshirk

    TheCrshirkПре 6 месеци

    hey Bdubs Ive been here for so many years, since 2013/2012 and ive seen your channel grow then like stop growing, then start again and it just makes me so happy seeing you making more content again and getting all the views and everything. I'm really glad that through everything thats happened over the last few years that youve kept posting and everything. Love your Videos!

  79. TheCrshirk

    TheCrshirkПре 6 месеци

    you lowkey look like Rick Beato.

  80. Jacob Lance

    Jacob LanceПре 6 месеци

    That was a fantastic run 👏👏

  81. Anna May

    Anna MayПре 6 месеци

    26:13 Come this way stupid!

  82. Yoshistar184

    Yoshistar184Пре 6 месеци

    That was a insanely good run for his first time playing.

  83. wukKwaswhooped

    wukKwaswhoopedПре 6 месеци

    Ahh bdubs demonic laugh

  84. UndeadGaming

    UndeadGamingПре 6 месеци

    Help me spread the meme B) and also hey bdubs i know where the hermit craft throne diamond are but theres a catch you have to give something back like a trade i give you something and you give me something that we both need. Heres a hint its in the shopping district and and you need to find a hidden button to open the hidden room

  85. s nevels

    s nevelsПре 6 месеци

    You know the netherland is a real land on the world

  86. ONE

    ONEПре 6 месеци

    Buds’s strat to get the end rod is just a modified version of the janky piston dirt bridge building strategy

  87. Koto-Sama

    Koto-SamaПре 6 месеци

    did you get your book back from Keralis1?

  88. Marcus Ruiz

    Marcus RuizПре 6 месеци

    Love ya, bdubs

  89. Evan Slack

    Evan SlackПре 6 месеци

    I think hypixel should add decked out

  90. Haydn Bures

    Haydn BuresПре 6 месеци

    is it just me or did a) bdubs get an item sniped from his loot box and b) keralis didn’t return the soul seeker card??

  91. Leather Back

    Leather BackПре 6 месеци

    Mini blocks: *exhist* B-dubs: CLAY POTS

  92. Patrick Johnson

    Patrick JohnsonПре 6 месеци

    We Geminitay on hermitcraft season 8

  93. Nomiswag GamingYT

    Nomiswag GamingYTПре 6 месеци

    Don’t use firework rockets just use riptide 3 trident. Hold and let go and then yeh unlimited flight

  94. David Rahd

    David RahdПре 6 месеци

    how can someone be so bad at reading a compass?

  95. ProgNerIte

    ProgNerIteПре 6 месеци

    Why did this get a second notification that it just got uploaded

  96. styggly

    stygglyПре 6 месеци

    watching you play decked out reminds me of the binding of isaac series ahaha, would love to see you play another roguelike game again!

  97. Will .22

    Will .22Пре 6 месеци


  98. Lukas H

    Lukas HПре 6 месеци

    I love your Thumbnails and Intros. Your Videos are really nice!

  99. Charlotte Siddons

    Charlotte SiddonsПре 6 месеци

    I can see why Bdubs likes the gaming district-a nether that you can SLEEP in.

  100. Hadron

    HadronПре 6 месеци


  101. Airblader

    AirbladerПре 6 месеци

    Just commenting to remind myself for the future of 4:05

  102. Rocco

    RoccoПре 6 месеци

    You need to add a funnel

  103. GuardianCloudy

    GuardianCloudyПре 6 месеци

    That was a great run! Nice