MASSIVE Aque Town Upgrades! :: Hermitcraft #47

Minecraft on the Hermitcraft Server Season 7 Episode 47! Today on hermitcraft, we add several new buildings to aque town after losing out on a real estate deal to goodtimeswithscar! Later we meet up with Grian, impulsesv and scar in the brand new sewer installed at keralis base!
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  1. Garrott Roddy

    Garrott RoddyПре 2 дана

    xisuma: can you keep a secret? bdouble: sure i just got to tell it to 444,444 people

  2. Werny6

    Werny6Пре 4 дана

    Buy scars land and then sell scars land for more...

  3. Birdwing

    BirdwingПре 9 дана

    Normal people when mad: aggressive screech Bdubs when mad: OHHHHH

  4. Alias 0

    Alias 0Пре 13 дана

    Scar pulled off "Forcing friend to wear fursuit prank" lol

  5. isyoboi

    isyoboiПре 21 дан

    That 2 second timelapse literallly made me laugh out loud.Unbelievable how you squeeze that whole build in 2 seconds like its effortless to build

  6. SaxophoneKat 14

    SaxophoneKat 14Пре 27 дана

    I feeling a little competitive -BDubs Plz if you were a little then what is alot?

  7. Ian Fay

    Ian FayПре 28 дана

    I’m loving this stuff keep it coming

  8. Alexandria Burden

    Alexandria BurdenПре 29 дана

    That new building top/roof/point thing reminds me of terminal tower in Cleveland! I love it!

  9. Robert Kamminga

    Robert KammingaПре месец

    If scar had said it was the flag from Keralis' home it would be more points...

  10. Otto Oetting

    Otto OettingПре месец

    5:25 Scar: (Spying on Bdubs and Xisuma) If I can't see him he can't see me. Bdubs: NOPE

  11. Soupat2

    Soupat2Пре месец

    What’s up with Grian starting cults? And did BDubs get paid to say “mix it up a little bit”?

  12. King_Forehead

    King_ForeheadПре месец

    Why is Bdubs selling Scars land? It’s not his and Scar gave some to him and he’s taking advantage of it. 👎

  13. Erik Kemp

    Erik KempПре месец

    All the Hermits are my daily entertainment. I truly hope you all continue the awesome seasons and keep amazing us through great Minecraft episodes.

  14. Sarah QB

    Sarah QBПре месец

    bdubs is rlly making it into a city, i kinda feel like Scar was just placing some buildings in a couple of spots. Bdubs has given it a lovely vibe

  15. Tarelho _

    Tarelho _Пре месец


  16. Tarelho _

    Tarelho _Пре месец


  17. ceruchi

    ceruchiПре месец

    What a great episode! I would love a closer look at the corner shop with the pastel highlights. It's gorgeous!! I have never seen that color palette before.

  18. Chaz Taylor

    Chaz TaylorПре месец

    Bdubs is a vampire no reflection lol

  19. Speedrun System

    Speedrun SystemПре месец

    legit thought he was bald in the thumbnail

  20. Chaz Taylor

    Chaz TaylorПре месец

    Bdubs I love you man your so dang funny you always make me laugh so hard. Whenever I'm having a bad day you make it better man. Keep up the great work.

  21. Alex Studios

    Alex StudiosПре месец

    Bdubs pls do a tutorial on building in this style, it’s one those styles that I really struggle with and you do a fantastic job capturing it in Minecraft👍🏻

  22. Ohh Really

    Ohh ReallyПре месец

    Really don't like that slimy clicking sound you make almost every sentence

  23. Yuvrajmarkham Verma

    Yuvrajmarkham VermaПре месец

    The build this man makes are to good

  24. Aude

    AudeПре месец

    That was the FASTEST time lapse ive ever seen

  25. Mepholar

    MepholarПре месец

    The barbershop is absolutely perfect! You really did a fantastic job!! Also love that copper roof!

  26. Mr Hollow

    Mr HollowПре месец

    Its amazing how quickly bdubs can build a building

  27. bean noodle

    bean noodleПре месец

    U saying "I love you to death" always makes me happy. Warms up my heart no matter when. We love you to death too, Bdubs

  28. Teos

    TeosПре месец

    I dont think scar and bdubs understand the demand part of supply and demand

  29. mememocha1

    mememocha1Пре месец

    Scar has a listening hour. Lol

  30. Evan Hunt

    Evan HuntПре месец

    11:14 i didn't know all the hermits used litematica

  31. Badger

    BadgerПре месец

    BDubs, my brother, you should have had the Shischwammy account - your patter was spot on, you were punctuality perfect and, furthermore, Scar's tactic of poisoning your well with noise pollution, merely demonstrated the depths your competition will go - not to mention the sneaky wall hiding for added endearment. You have the bricks and mortar, you have the smarts, now you just need the strat's to be able to yeet him out of his next deal. In short, redstone him outta there before he can seal his next deal. #BigBrainIt

  32. Geverretzah

    GeverretzahПре месец

    Someone should tell him it's AQUA-town

  33. Zaumen 32

    Zaumen 32Пре месец

    We need a car parking lot with some cars built by beef and keralis!

  34. andreas dalevold

    andreas dalevoldПре месец

    Bdubs turned into tiger king with his new haircut xD

  35. Cian McCarty

    Cian McCartyПре месец

    You don’t own aque town, scar dose, so you can’t sell land there. Silly Bdubs

  36. Karrikua

    KarrikuaПре месец

    Don’t forget about the people whose diamonds are burning in lava

  37. Demonic

    DemonicПре месец

    I know how to increase a property's Price You Make keralis turtles!

  38. Bennett Cook

    Bennett CookПре месец

    Hey Bdubs! Could you show the castle off a little more? it’s been a while since we’ve seen it and it’s one of the greatest builds I’ve ever seen! Keep up the great videos!

  39. ugh

    ughПре месец

    Thank you for feeding the fat chicken, bedubs 😌✋

  40. JAHohmann

    JAHohmannПре месец

    Rent out the pent house of the tallest building

  41. darkwolflink24

    darkwolflink24Пре месец

    Good thing Mojang studios has not come up with eternal curse of binding enchantment for Minecraft don't come off even after you die in minecraft.

  42. 17njl01

    17njl01Пре месец

    glad to see you are still uploading man. watched you tons way back in the day

  43. no name

    no nameПре месец

    Bdub’s face is comepletly different from the other one from the beginning of the season.

  44. Leander

    LeanderПре месец

    what happened to the baloon?

  45. Hojo Warf

    Hojo WarfПре месец

    That pillager should definitely be the barber!

  46. Sadmin Durmishi

    Sadmin DurmishiПре месец

    I've seen this sales episode from all three viewpoints and it's still fun to watch every time.

  47. Sneaky PickNick

    Sneaky PickNickПре месец

    Bdubs, please make interior for decked out, tango really needs your help, and as reward he could advertise for snips! :D please ♥ ♥ love

  48. idonotgetthis

    idonotgetthisПре месец

    Tango just mentioned he'd love your help to design a room or two in among us... Maybe consider it? I think we'd all love to see that! Much love

  49. kate

    kateПре месец

    Hey Bdubs, maybe try saying shorted instead of gypped as gypped is bit of a slur. 🖤

  50. Rainswings

    RainswingsПре месец

    I was looking for this. There's plenty of other terms and I know it's a word that's been common for a long time, but it isn't great to say

  51. Adrian Leon

    Adrian LeonПре месец

    I like ya cut g

  52. CM Crafters

    CM CraftersПре месец

    Thanks for feeding the fat chicken

  53. Ashley

    AshleyПре месец

    I'm waiting for Aque Casino because someone’s got to find a way to draw them diamonds out of Keralis. Besides Bdubs has that special charm 😄

  54. Arthur Santana

    Arthur SantanaПре месец

    Show the interior of the new buildings

  55. Sketch'O Kid

    Sketch'O KidПре месец

    Thanks for feeding the fat chicken.

  56. Duygu Karacanoglu

    Duygu KaracanogluПре месец

    "Iiiiis.. 50 Diamond blocks." "Im sorry wha-?" "HA!" "Bdubs?" "Yes?"

  57. JesusDicks

    JesusDicksПре месец

    Xisuma: he shouts a lot

  58. Miles Ravens

    Miles RavensПре месец

    3:11 is it just me or does that make you laugh listening to his laugh

  59. Iesu Stephen Adrian Lopez

    Iesu Stephen Adrian LopezПре месец

    Thank you for feeding the fat chicken!

  60. Blue Operator

    Blue OperatorПре месец

    thank you for feeding fat chicken!

  61. A Raine B

    A Raine BПре месец

    “Scar and his blasted cat are gonna be the end of me” 😂😆🤣

  62. edgar gorre

    edgar gorreПре месец

    you should change the new bdubs signs hair color, that would probably grab the attention and spark curiosity in the other hermits!!

  63. Neeta Mandal

    Neeta MandalПре месец

    Hey bdubs plz I want you invite jeracraft in hermecraft plz🙏🙏🙏🙏

  64. Chelsea

    ChelseaПре месец

    bdubs standing a chunk away and yelling at x and scar had me laughing out loud!!

  65. Anish Sarang

    Anish SarangПре месец


  66. Benjamin P

    Benjamin PПре месец

    Thank you for feeding the chicken.

  67. Daniel McIntyre

    Daniel McIntyreПре месец

    I like how there's two realty offices, but they also keep building on all the available plots xD

  68. Daniel McIntyre

    Daniel McIntyreПре месец

    Took me til nearly the end of the episode to realize the balloon was gone

  69. Alex

    AlexПре месец

    imagine etho getting a haircut

  70. Safiras Art

    Safiras ArtПре месец

    Haircut for stress when :]

  71. DexerPlays

    DexerPlaysПре месец

    You should ask the owner to clear your inv so the cat head isn't there any more

  72. Father and Son Games

    Father and Son GamesПре месец

    Why do I feel like scar and bdubs fighting over clients is going to lead to the third civil war?

  73. Dippy Knuckles Dynonoodle

    Dippy Knuckles DynonoodleПре месец

    you should start barbershop quartet for new barbershop

  74. Odio

    OdioПре месец

    Put your realty sign on all your buildings to stop scar trying to sell them and attract peoples eyes

  75. Jaein Im

    Jaein ImПре месец

    Thank you for feeding the fat charrot!

  76. Morenozaino Plays

    Morenozaino PlaysПре месец

    Bdubs thank you for feeding the fat chicken. It really needed it in this stressful time.

  77. Manos Morfiadakis

    Manos MorfiadakisПре месец

    Thanks for feeding the fat chicken! (from cleos video)

  78. Corwin Alexander Gaming

    Corwin Alexander GamingПре месец

    Thanks for feeding the fat chicken

  79. Tizights Edits

    Tizights EditsПре месец

    Bubbles! Tank you for feeding the far chicken 😊

  80. Dragonpuppylover 3009

    Dragonpuppylover 3009Пре месец

    holy smokes those timelapse were so dang fast! those buildings popped up out of nowhere!! also, I think bdub should color his hair pink. I think pink would be better than the blonde (sorry bdubs)

  81. TO TO

    TO TOПре месец

    3:12 hahahahahaha ive never laught harder than i did when bdubs made that sound ahahha

  82. Micael S Alves

    Micael S AlvesПре месец

    Hey Bdubs! Thanks for feeding that fat chicken! Realy cool of you

  83. Robin Marcelo

    Robin MarceloПре месец

    Thanks for feeding the green charrot!

  84. The Overvoid

    The OvervoidПре месец

    I can't wait until Scar outbids everyone and buys the block of buildings.

  85. Nathan Van Den Berg

    Nathan Van Den BergПре месец

    To get that Jellie head, Scar would have had to kill a cat

  86. Obie1KanObie

    Obie1KanObieПре месец

    Hermits that don't have a lot of money let them buy it but when they make sales they pay the price

  87. Jade Ayres

    Jade AyresПре месец

    Thank you for feeding the fat chicken

  88. THÉOneandonly !!!

    THÉOneandonly !!!Пре месец

    Thanks for feeding the chicken

  89. tim bartlett

    tim bartlettПре месец

    You NEED to stop feeding that charrot. it is clearly morbidly obese.

  90. Ayan Ur Rahman 10th E

    Ayan Ur Rahman 10th EПре месец

    5:25 😂😂

  91. DeDoentje

    DeDoentjeПре месец

    Nice skyscrapers.

  92. Mitchel Anderson

    Mitchel AndersonПре месец

    Holy crap that first building went up so fast!

  93. Orient Prospect

    Orient ProspectПре месец

    A que ?! To WHAT?!

  94. Chika Fujiwara

    Chika FujiwaraПре месец

    ur episodes are a bit behind but 1.69M Lol

  95. Glasses Face

    Glasses FaceПре месец

    you gonna update the billboard to show off Blonde-dubs?

  96. Dustin Hughes

    Dustin HughesПре месец

    Put a billboard outside his office window.

  97. Tim Forney

    Tim ForneyПре месец

    Rip Bdubs face. 😢

  98. The pumpkin king

    The pumpkin kingПре месец

    Scar and bdubs real estate competition makes me think of the b-team days. Always trying to one up and being dramatic. Love it!

  99. Chrisp Minis

    Chrisp MinisПре месец

    Snips Barber by B-dubs Skyguy Elytras by Scar



    Do some progress on the castle... Time to getaway from all this friction between you and scar

  101. Xelqua

    XelquaПре месец

    You should have tutorials on the aqua town builds cuz I wanna learn how to build in that type of style

  102. Joe The Juggalo

    Joe The JuggaloПре месец

    Well I was going to say Bubs all you have to do to get that Jellie head off was to do a *Boomer.* works every time LOL but you already took care of it. LOL!