My Diamond Pile Grows! :: Hermitcraft #55

Minecraft on the Hermitcraft Server Season 7 Episode 55!
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Today on hermitcraft, we collect our winnings from the land games! Later we spend some time building at our base.
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  1. Josiah Jackson

    Josiah JacksonПре 5 минута

    First be dubs just put mud and poop once the mayor space car but I didn't he make the deal that's kiss more evil how could you do that in the mirror the freaking mirror but scarred it's in the rules about him messing something up missing something you didn't

  2. Sevenloki

    SevenlokiПре 6 сати

    Just realised that 30 blocks too many thanks to grian

  3. HappyGamer 4ever

    HappyGamer 4everПре 9 сати

    Grian won every plot even though he only wants one and Grian didn't win that ONE plot he wanted

  4. Inverse11

    Inverse11Пре 10 сати

    I hope he realizes that grin put 30 diamond on the pile after this episode. lol

  5. Ata fakheri

    Ata fakheriПре дан

    grian put his diamond blocks on your pile too,



    try andesite and diorite for the roof

  7. TheCreator013

    TheCreator013Пре 2 дана

    GoodTimes Realty customers get free stuff at the shop “Free” in Aquetown! Also, they get to put their heads on Mount Hermit!

  8. WG

    WGПре 2 дана

    Bdubs when grian found out he needet to pay 6 plots he placed 30 diamond blocks on the pile but you also dit that before on the pile so there are 30 blocks to mutch on your pile.

  9. redstoneking46

    redstoneking46Пре 2 дана

    the ad was the first time seeing bdoubles face, looking good

  10. Dylan Braune

    Dylan BrauneПре 2 дана

    Bdubs getting double diamonds on the pile now cuz Grian also put his on the pile

  11. Sir Lonnie

    Sir LonnieПре 2 дана

    Grian put his diamonds on your pile in aqua town B Dubs

  12. Silvermist neoncloud

    Silvermist neoncloudПре 3 дана

    Professionals have standards.

  13. Grayson Dubois

    Grayson DuboisПре 3 дана

    Bdubs: “Have you ever seen the code for a website?” Me, a web developer: “...uhhhhh” Bdubs: “I have more chance of understanding ancient Arabic than this gobbledygook” Me, a web developer: “Yeah, you and me both”

  14. William Funk

    William FunkПре 4 дана

    Hello BDubs, I just want to say Thank You for the joy of Minecraft in your videos, I have learned to be a better builder. I am a little late to the party, i am almost 46 and have loved gaming since I was 12. However, i never saw the appeal of Minecraft until I was 44 and found it on sale and decided why not try it. I am now hooked. I started watching Wattles and learned from him about Hermitcraft. So i started watching MumboJumbo, then Grian and then I saw and heard this one called BDubs that just had genuine excitement in his voice for the game. I went back and watched all Season 6 and now caught up to date with Season 7 and 3rd life. Thank you so much for all laughs and lessons.

  15. SantaCruzBay

    SantaCruzBayПре 2 дана

    great comment

  16. Multi - Dimensional Gaming

    Multi - Dimensional GamingПре 4 дана

    Ever thought about inviting a speedrunner type youtuber in the hermitcraft server? Maybe SB737?

  17. vnc t.

    vnc t.Пре 4 дана

    shut up squarespace ad, wordpress+hostinger is cheaper and better

  18. Mr.MasterMind396

    Mr.MasterMind396Пре 4 дана

    Your city can do with the burrow from Harry Potter, it will look great.

  19. Ohsole Meeeo

    Ohsole MeeeoПре 4 дана

    Alil bit sad that you risk the chance of getting your twitter account perm banned for linking your social media to offsite websites.

  20. WG

    WGПре 5 дана

    You have a witch building hmmmmm doesn’t it have a face? If I look at it.

  21. WG

    WGПре 5 дана

    If there was an enemy from bdubs than is it a person that can sleep whit one mod in the day to make it night.

  22. Akshat gope

    Akshat gopeПре 5 дана

    Grain said I won't win but reality is different "sachi koi nahi ba tha saktha" In hindi

  23. Melissa G

    Melissa GПре 5 дана

    Went through the entire playlist for Season 7!!!! Thanks for this season BDubs! This has been great!

  24. mememocha1

    mememocha1Пре 6 дана

    10:59 I never laughed so hard. @BdoubleO100 you are a mess!

  25. AJz

    AJzПре 6 дана

    your builds have the feeling/vibe of scenes in studio ghibli movies

  26. Kai Sauge

    Kai SaugeПре 6 дана

    yo do you know you raised 2million african dollars

  27. Roho

    RohoПре 7 дана

    "i pretty much sold all my land-" Me: "To Grian 😅"

  28. james davis

    james davisПре 7 дана

    meh code still makes more sense (if you aren't lazy)

  29. NL1T3N Gaming

    NL1T3N GamingПре 7 дана

    I really Love light black. It’s actually one of my favorite colors

  30. Allan Herring

    Allan HerringПре 7 дана

    Man seeing this in my feed was wiiiiiild. Bdubs was my childhood and always has been one of my favorite creators. Glad to see you still going man.

  31. JustMax

    JustMaxПре 7 дана

    Bdubs if I could bottle your optimism I'd take some so I'd have a will to live and you wouldn't even feel a diffrence

  32. István Szikra

    István SzikraПре 7 дана

    Maybe demand is low because the plots are next to filthy pig farms ;)

  33. Elizabeth Duhamel

    Elizabeth DuhamelПре 7 дана

    "Whats this hole?..... oh nothin." -BDubs

  34. Prasad Kulkarni

    Prasad KulkarniПре 7 дана

    you should add some golems to protect villagers

  35. Michael Niles

    Michael NilesПре 7 дана

    With all that land it look slike Grian's going to be a bit of competition in the real estate buiseness

  36. ioan jones

    ioan jonesПре 7 дана

    Mines taller and a lot thicker, ahem

  37. suprakirby

    suprakirbyПре 7 дана

    I think the reason why no one put a bid on scar's land is because none of them had any station to place bids on.

  38. Alan White

    Alan WhiteПре 7 дана

    so it looks like grians going to be busy building all them pliots !! hope theres enough time left in season 7 so he builds it all

  39. b3nsh3p

    b3nsh3pПре 7 дана

    Hey love watching your vids. Just as a suggestion don't know if you'll see this but add a tower in one of the back corners. With the colors your working with there just needs to be a tower and it a place for magic. Again just a suggestion. Thank you for the great content.

  40. Justin Moeckli

    Justin MoeckliПре 7 дана

    Hey bdubs I love your content and I think that I have an idea, you know the end crystal, you can push it to match the which hut

  41. Kuznia_

    Kuznia_Пре 8 дана

    I know the chances of you reading this are pretty slim but ever wanna do another cities skylines run again?? Hope you and the fam are doing well!! B Team for life! miss you and genny!

  42. Oktobot Robopants

    Oktobot RobopantsПре 8 дана

    I love love love all of the building advice and inspiration I get from the hermits. Bdubs, you are an artist. I love everything you do 💕

  43. Jan Vafa

    Jan VafaПре 8 дана

    But Bdub the diamonds in the red zone get added to your pile!!!

  44. Kalluk Manik

    Kalluk ManikПре 8 дана

    BdoubleO sorry but i had to, i saw the tittle and it said grow then i thought 'im happy something grow unlike you' sooooorrrrryyyy

  45. diggoran

    diggoranПре 8 дана

    I feel like the brew house is so tall that it makes the mountain and castle look smaller :/ I hate to say it because it looks so cool by itself I think a better fit would have been a tiny hunter/trapper shack with some clutter out front. Maybe an axe in a log and firewood scattered around. Furs laying about too if you can figure out a way to do it.

  46. becky

    beckyПре 8 дана

    hey! 2b2t player here to tell you that end crystals will not explode after you push them with pistons, so you can get it farther away from the bridge and make it safe to keep there :)

  47. Conor Raypholtz

    Conor RaypholtzПре 8 дана

    should have shoved all his diamonds into a chest with a huge bid, technically would have received them from land sales

  48. DeathMagic †

    DeathMagic †Пре 8 дана

    20:17 I think stripped sprouce log pillars would look nice there with noteblocks at water level and possibly signs or trapdoors around the top. Actually the whole bottom side of the bridge could be wood. I dunno I'm no builder.

  49. hi there humans

    hi there humansПре 8 дана

    fun fact: grian could buy aque town and still be the richest

  50. Sem Lijzenga

    Sem LijzengaПре 8 дана

    You better get your wooden shoffels. Scar hasa aou that you clear the prank you did

  51. Sem Lijzenga

    Sem LijzengaПре 8 дана

    Latest news, b-dubs loses a bed race. How emberasing... lol

  52. Tim Baleno

    Tim BalenoПре 8 дана

    For the record, that HTML code is some of the cleanest HTML I've seen. It might not make sense, but it's not a mess at least.

  53. Gem's Dirty Kitchen

    Gem's Dirty KitchenПре 8 дана

    27:20 Who paints a house black? Must have been Mick Jagger's or Keith Richards' house :-D

  54. Sassy

    SassyПре 8 дана

    I love love love love your builds; this new reminds me of a outpost a little. It might be the shape? Keep up the GREAT work.

  55. Texturcraft

    TexturcraftПре 8 дана

    maybe u can create something like a plate in the water to magical support the end crystal :D

  56. David Yodo

    David YodoПре 8 дана

    I just learned the word "Pigsty" from this video

  57. Bacon King

    Bacon KingПре 8 дана

    the day is always goo when i see a bdubs episode

  58. Drake Senécal

    Drake SenécalПре 9 дана

    If love if you decided to use some purple in your builds.

  59. Cameron Thompson

    Cameron ThompsonПре 9 дана

    Bdubs: "Look at the code for a website" Me as a developer: *understands every line*

  60. d4taXbr3ach

    d4taXbr3achПре 9 дана

    Use polished granite with the Blackstone. I used it in a build and it looks really good

  61. William Alexander

    William AlexanderПре 9 дана

    I honestly like the darker witch build. It's different. Maybe a dead tree and cobwebs to add spooky?

  62. Rohan

    RohanПре 9 дана

    He is actually so handsome!

  63. Hildegunst von Mythenmetz

    Hildegunst von MythenmetzПре 9 дана

    You guys should invite stampy and squid to the hermitcraft server!

  64. BrownR87

    BrownR87Пре 9 дана

    "Not really a prank I just tease him" It could be a prank. Fill his stock chests and barrels with random junk when they are empty 😅

  65. Crashyboy4

    Crashyboy4Пре 9 дана

    You are ideally the most entertaining hermit

  66. JustRecentlyI

    JustRecentlyIПре 9 дана

    Oh wow that "witch hut" with black and bright colors is amazing!

  67. JustRecentlyI

    JustRecentlyIПре 9 дана

    That bridge and path are beautiful!

  68. Thanoz A

    Thanoz AПре 9 дана

    I feel like Bdubs should try and redo the bids with more advertisement

  69. diggoran

    diggoranПре 8 дана

    Yeah seems like a total advertising failure xD

  70. coconutcore

    coconutcoreПре 9 дана

    I’m loving Aquetown! Scar’s got some great ideas. All of the Hermits do.

  71. James Rikeman

    James RikemanПре 9 дана

    Probably too late for this, but I would love to see a tower sticking out from the left side of that "witch house" from say the second floor, maybe the third. It could have a spiral staircase that goes into a tiny room at the top of the tower like a look-out area or something. Could even use that to connect the second floor to the other ones above and get stairs out of the way for the upper levels.

  72. Beth S

    Beth SПре 9 дана

    Great episode as always! But...can we talk about Bdubs hair???? LOL

  73. Ashton Armstrong

    Ashton ArmstrongПре 9 дана

    I love the witch house thing

  74. James Haskell

    James HaskellПре 9 дана

    14:03 how many of barenziahs stones do you have

  75. James Haskell

    James HaskellПре 9 дана

    (skyrim reference)

  76. Darkestinsane

    DarkestinsaneПре 9 дана

    a ruined bridge would be cool to see with your older style of pathway with the mossy cobblestone. make the bridge look worn down and maybe pop some holes into it.

  77. TheePluto

    TheePlutoПре 9 дана

    i know scar is positive and all but it kinda sucks, he got sick and bdubs messed with the land and people didn’t touch it

  78. Callum Gosling

    Callum GoslingПре 9 дана

    That what he said

  79. jama l

    jama lПре 9 дана

    bdouble= look how biger mine is compared to his mine is way more thicker. me= thats what she said

  80. Adsy Soulstar

    Adsy SoulstarПре 9 дана

    You didn’t leave the auction long enough

  81. Ian Cummings

    Ian CummingsПре 9 дана

    Try orange or terracotta for the roof of that one building. That could work.

  82. uhh childe

    uhh childeПре 9 дана

    the new build looks great! my only concern is that the size of it sort of breaks the illusion of the cliff. that house is almost half the size of that thing!

  83. DaveMade.It

    DaveMade.ItПре 9 дана

    Please Bdubs ... Check your profits at your lamps shop 😁

  84. Mtijger

    MtijgerПре 9 дана

    Griantopia is rising

  85. Travis Olsen

    Travis OlsenПре 9 дана

    I miss making web sites the "old way" #RIPgeocities

  86. Gavin G

    Gavin GПре 9 дана

    little does he know Grian didn't really want all of them.

  87. Wowerful

    WowerfulПре 10 дана


  88. diggoran

    diggoranПре 8 дана

    Etho, when he also tagged Bdubs back with the end rod

  89. Eldritch Lemon

    Eldritch LemonПре 10 дана

    How did he make that end crystal float above the watee

  90. Eldritch Lemon

    Eldritch LemonПре 10 дана


  91. Caerigna

    CaerignaПре 10 дана

    i think some black in the roof would bring it together more. chain at the top?

  92. Hazel Cappuccino

    Hazel CappuccinoПре 10 дана

    Bdubs is all over the place, so hard to comment when there are lots of thing to say.. No matter what, Booman, be youself and never lose it, that what makes you special!!!!!!!

  93. Dominick Lincoln

    Dominick LincolnПре 10 дана

    aqua town (aaah-kwaah)

  94. Matthew R

    Matthew RПре 10 дана

    Yo bdubs you should do some kind of collab with a guy called pungence, you guys have some similarities

  95. Matthew R

    Matthew RПре 7 дана

    @diggoran yeah I’m joking

  96. diggoran

    diggoranПре 8 дана

    Are you joking? It's hard to tell sometimes.

  97. Miner47000

    Miner47000Пре 10 дана

    Bdubs has that radio host type of voice

  98. Mark Ramsell

    Mark RamsellПре 10 дана

    In Colorado, bike paths are usually white concrete in town and reddish brown pebbly dirt out of town. Lot of iron in soil. (just informational)

  99. Mark Ramsell

    Mark RamsellПре 10 дана

    New house is on island so make small dock and system to offload barrels a bit more connected to the water functionally. People want to look at waterfalls.

  100. Justin H

    Justin HПре 10 дана

    Bdubs: yay i got this shop all to myself also Bdubs: oh right I gotta stock it now you know how keralis feels hehe ;)

  101. Daniel Ding

    Daniel DingПре 10 дана

    Grian actually only wanted one but he wanted a guarantee of at least one so he went to all of them

  102. Midnight Leclipce

    Midnight LeclipceПре 10 дана

    Bdubs: Yesterday I saw a house! Me: But you see the everyday while at your base.. Bdubs: a black house Me: What Bdubs: with a light black trim Me: That's my new favorite color

  103. PrototypePlatform

    PrototypePlatformПре 10 дана

    "scar is known to fluff" he only did that to preserve the shape of the diamond throne for the world download at end season while still being able to use the diamonds for community stuff.

  104. Quinn B.

    Quinn B.Пре 10 дана

    I love how Grian wasn’t trying to get all those lots, but he did anyways. He payed for all those lots but only really wanted one, he only payed for all of them cause he wanted to make sure he’d get one. 😂

  105. Johan van Niekerk

    Johan van NiekerkПре 10 дана


  106. Octavian Blejdea

    Octavian BlejdeaПре 10 дана

    What's the intro song?